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Card of the Day

Card of the Day
Super Attractor Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein

“True Manifesting is about recieving the what is of the HIGHEST GOOD for all.”

What does this mean? Highest good for all?

Well get ready for a shock… in life we all have wants and needs.. however many seem to forget which is which and the fine line between the two at times is barely recognizable…

We hear kids say it more but many adults also can be heard ” OMG i so NEED THIS…!!!”

Sorry but you actually WANT IT, not NEED IT!

Save your money and go buy it…

Manifesting is about needs not wants… many who manifest realise this, they have a need to manifest for others needs mainly and aim to provide for them, hence “OF THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL”

When you come from a place of understanding..yes understanding and not solely love and a desire to do what is right for all not just self you will then become a force to be reckoned with and MANIFEST like the creator themselves!!!

Manifestation for all who need it including your self with ease and simplicity!

Why understanding also and not purely just love you might ask? well thats a story for another time 😉

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