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Change to be you!

Change… without change there could not be growth, like the seed which becomes a tree, the caterpillar which becomes the butterfly, we too as creatures of gaia must sometimes step above our comfort and evolve into what we are meant to be…… Ourselves!

Too often coaches, books, shows, mentors, they use techniques and speeches from their own inspirational heroes, they try to model their systems instead of making their own, I will not be sorry for who i am, i invite people outside their comfort zones, i am who i am, i say what i feel, hear, see and will continue to do so until my last breath!

Each and every one of you in this world can be whoever you wish to be, but being yourself is the only way you will grow, so change the pattern, change from being the sheep and become the shepherd, yes, there will be wolves but over come the fear, and rise above!

Believe in yourself!

Our time is now to stand and shine and be who we are meant to be….

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