Azurite Malachite chip bracelet


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Azurite Malachite chip bracelet.

A combination of Azurite and Malachite which has great healing properties, both emotional and physical. It is believed to be a strong emotional cleanser which helps you clean all your negative emotions and bad memories. It will help you heal all the wounds of the past and gives you the push to move forward. It is a very powerful stone which needs to be used with care and under proper guidance. If it is used for too long then it might have negative effects.
Speciality and uses – this is a very special and a strong stone which has many uses. It is used for strong emotional healing and is considered to be an immense source of energy. It provides comfort and emotional balance and helps you make peace with your past. It is also used for the cure of arthritis, asthma, bacterial and viral infections, body and bone aches etc.