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Card of the Day!

Card of the Day

Aboriginal Dreaming Totems by Mel Brown


Its time to reel-in your warrior spirit. Not all conflict has to be a fight-the wise warrior will choose their battles carefully, weighing up risk on the road to achievement…

What this card is saying is, STOP, BREATHE and THINK before you action it, what is causing you fear at present? what is making you want to step up and take action? we need to be aware of our surroundings, know what is happening for us before we take the risk, believe in yourself and do so because you know its time to do not because others have told you so….

Only when we access our needs over our wants and know that every action has an equal and opposing reaction and listen to our higher self can we then progress and move forward, Be Brave and listen to your higher self and follow your intuition not your ego driven desire to win at all costs, find the win win or risk a lose all situation!